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Meet the Hanging Tree Family

Looking for a cozy place to unwind with your family and friends? The Hanging Tree Café in Pueblo, CO, sounds like just the place for you! Serving everything from over 70 varieties of loose leaf tea to a delightful menu of sorts, you can depend on us for exceptional service!

Charles Sole, Owner / Operator

Under Charles’s care, The Hanging Tree has grown and flourished into the local hub it is today. Working eight days a week, Charles knows how to make a dream happen. A Colorado native of Viking blood, Charles is an artist to the bone, living life with no regrets Charles is dedicated to the Historic District and its community.


Follow Charles on Instagram: Grindmastersole


Favorite beverage: Double Shot Mocha Breve over Ice

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Betty Cody, Baker / Mama Bear

Mother of The Hanging Tree, Betty takes care of all of us. In her spare time, Betty enjoys glassmaking and playing the violin in the symphony. Betty carries on a happy life with her husband, Tom, and her great grandson, Connor. You know she's in when you smell the delicious scent of breads and brownies.


Favorite beverage: Hot Chai with Coconut Milk

Aaron Huntsberry,

Music / Art / Event Coordinator

Homegrown in the city of brotherly love, passionate about music / audiophile. Community garden manager here at The Hanging Tree. Living in Colorado for 5 years and loving it!


Favorite Beverage: Double Shot with Soy

Fabiola Garcia, Manager

Wayuu / photography / art / History and Culture. Favorite quote: "I am the master of my fate / I am the captain of my soul." I love traveling and visiting museums, viewing the world through its art and culture.


Follow my Instagram: Sardsea


Favorite Beverage: Hot Geisha Girl with White Espresso

Caroline Lyons, Barista

Outdoor girl all the way! Studying Biology. Love my friends and family. Living and learning from my mistakes.


Favorite beverage: Avalanche with White Espresso

Ash Smith, Barista

Representing the LBQ, young and rap lord. Bringing exclusive Strappo to The Hanging Tree. Putting salt on anyone who likes pepper. Born and raised in Pueblo. Like my cats, like I like my coffee. Cheddar Bois.


Instagram: ienjoygaragesales

Soundcloud.com / theashmeow


Favorite beverage: Iced Americano

Emily Fair, Barista

Colorado, born and raised. I’d rather be in the mountains, always. Dog lover. Cat lover. People lover. Life lover. Psychology major. Caffeine addict. Barista.


Favorite beverage: Double Shot Iced Americano

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